Grant Writing Services

We have extensive experience working with workforce development boards and are familiar with the grants and contracts procedures they use when working with education and training providers.  We can help you locate the opportunities and then prepare your application.  Contact us for details.

School Emergency Planning

The last decade has brought about a new awareness in schools and communities regarding the importance of emergency preparedness. The country has experienced a great number of natural disasters as well as human-caused crises. No part of the country has been immune, and no sector of education has gone unaffected. Every school must be prepared for emergency events, whatever the cause.  Emergency preparation does not come in a box that can be purchased and opened on the day it is needed. Every school must develop and work its own plan. We can help your school prepare for the eventual disaster by helping you develop and follow FEMA's school emergency planning process including: 

     1. Instituting a planning process,

     2. Identifying hazards unique to your school setting,

     3. Establishing a training and drill protocol for staff and students,

     4. Planning for immediate response and care,

     5. Developing a communications plan, and

     6. Developing a post-disaster shelter plan.

Our cadre of emergency planners and first responders can provide you with the assistance you will require to keep your school safer in the event of a crisis or disaster

We look forward to working with you in improving your school.

Paul Bott Associates maintains offices in Los Alamitos, California, but we perform most of our work on your site or via the internet.  We are easy to reach either by telephone or email. 

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Office - (562) 296-8486.   Cell - (562) 708-1889.  

Office - (562) 296-8486. 
Cell - (562) 708-1889.   

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