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Paul Bott Associates maintains offices in Los Alamitos, California, but we perform most of our work on your site or via the internet.  We are easy to reach either by telephone or email. 

Your school may have need of specialized training in an area that we do not have experienced associates.  We cooperate with many other firms and will be happy to refer you to providers who can give you the assistance needed.  These groups bring outstanding experience and approaches to any project we work on together. Their brief bios share the quality of knowledge they add to our services. They are included as resources you might link to directly if you would like to learn more about how their services might benefit you.

Two K Consulting, for HR and organization development. Joan P. Klubnik, Ed.D., a partner in Two-K Consulting, works with senior leaders in public and private sector organizations and supports clients in building strategic approaches to competitive advantage and in developing their human capital to support their initiatives.  She helps organizations implement productive work models such as partnerships and teaming to drive strategic, organizational and process change.  Dr. Klubnik received her doctorate from UCLA.  Contact her at joan@twokconsulting.com

Synergy Executive Education, for employee motivation and building a loyal graduate base.  

Office - (562) 296-8486. 
Cell - (562) 708-1889.   

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Office - (562) 296-8486.   Cell - (562) 708-1889.