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Student Assessment

We work with instructors to design custom learning assessments that help gain feedback about what students are learning as a result of their instruction. Classroom assessment is aimed at course improvement rather than solely at assigning grades, although grades that are assigned as a result of following these techniques will more accurately reflect your students’ abilities. We are able to assist and advise your faculty on:      

• Assessment design considerations, including collecting data for accreditation and licensure agencies.
• Writing student-centered performance objectives.
• Creating student assessment instruments including:
   • item writing.
   • rubric development.
   • group work assessment.
   • non–graded, anonymous, in–class activities.

• How to analyze your assessment data.
• Creating student evaluation of instruction instruments.     
• Writing assessment reports for your programs that meet your compliance and accreditation needs.

Office - (562) 296-8486.   Cell - (562) 708-1889.  

We look forward to working with you in improving your school.

Paul Bott Associates maintains offices in Los Alamitos, California, but we perform most of our work on your site or via the internet.  We are easy to reach either by telephone or email.